Welcome to $DFLA

$DFLA is a digital commodity build to create a deflationary market designed to reduce supply at every transaction.
The main goal of DEFLA is to increase the currency's value over time.
$uDFLA Stablecoin will help stabilize the DFLA Finance Ecosystem.


$DFLA is a new self-destructing currency


“Deflationary tokens are tokens fashioned to reduce in supply over time. That is to say, the circulating supply of the token reduces as the years pass. The essence is to prevent the market from being flooded with the token while improving the value of the token.”

Defla provide its holders with a chance to make money, by investing, building, holding and create a DEFI pools.

Stablecoin $uDFLA

Stablecoin $uDFLA will be launched with $DFLA Finance
Our Stablecoin will help stabilize the DFLA Finance Ecosystem.

Multi Chain Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding DEFI 3.0 Protocol, Stablecoin Utility and Yield Farm

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Contract DFLA Address (BSC):0x0bb03a77DaFACa79f084f4f65d4722D76Aff99D9

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Let's introduce ourself and our vision about DFLA project

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2% of the tokens destroyed. FOREVER!

At every transaction and at every liquidity pool removed on Defi protocol, DEFLA burns 2% of the coins by sending them to a dead address So, it lowers the circulating supply by destroying tokens.

  • Forever: DEFLA is designed to reduce supply at every transaction with 2% sent in DEAD address
  • Dead Address: You can monitor all transaction of DEAD address here
  • Increase: Low emission, Aidrop for community, 10% initial Burn and LP on BSC, will take off $DFLA to the moon!
  • HODL! Buy and HODL, before IT'S to LATE!
    Buy and create you own LP on BSC DEFI to get reward % at every transaction meanwhile $DFLA reduce it's supply and team burn coins.

Buy-Back and Burn.

Buyback-and-burn programs support long term price stability and value growth; that’s why DEFA has included it into the $DFLA token’s smart contract.

  • BuyBack DEFLA team will buy back $DFLA tokens from the open market every month and burn those purchased tokens via a smart contract. With each buyback-and-burn, the net asset value of DFLA’s Blockchain Asset Pool will be divided among a shrinking supply of tokens in circulation. As a result, the price of the $DFLA token should continuously grow over time.
  • Growth DEFLA team will spend 10% of annual operating profits — calculated as trading profit less trading and operating costs and tax — to buyback-and-burn tokens. The token’s smart contract includes a commitment to buyback-and-burn 20% of the total amount of tokens issued, which is expected to have positive short-term and long-term effects on the $DFLA token’s price appreciation.

Stablecoin $uDFLA

Stablecoin $uDFLA will be launched with $DFLA Finance

  • Welcome $uDFLA! Our Stablecoin will help stabilize the DFLA Finance Ecosystem.
    It' will be lunched at end of presale and will be used as collateral 1:1 for BUSD in the vaults to mint $uDFLA
    Wrapped $wDFLA it's compatible with future CEX Exchanges. Hedge against the volatility of your crypto-assets by holding in $uDFLA, as stable as the dollar. Stake and farm, $uDFLA on $DFLA Finance for high returns. More Networks cross chain are in our roadmap


Supply and demand characteristics of $DFLA cryptocurrency.

  • 5% Initial BURN to DEAD address
  • 15% 1° Presale launchpad
  • 5% 2° Sale - after 3 months
  • 10% Marketing investment boost after 1° presale end
  • 15% BuyBack address
  • 5% Airdrop to community in 1 year
  • 45% Locked for 1 year
  • 2% tokens destroyed forever at every transaction

MythX™ smart contract security analysis report:

KISHIELD security audit report:


Using roadmaps, investors can see the progress of a DFLA project, what next steps must be taken, and what the overall vision and objectives we are.

Phase 1 | March 2022 | Completed

Idea: Idea of DFLA functions

Build Phase: Smart contract Remix

Deployment Phase: Smart contract BSC testnet

Test and bug fix

Phase 2 | April 2022 | Completed

Website development V1

Social: Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk and Github repo

Deployment Phase: BSC Smart contract Mainnet

Liquidity: Create LP initial liquidity


Phase 3 | in few months

Website development V2


PR Marketing / Twitter

Pre-launch Sale

Liquidity locked 1 year

Stablecoin $uDFLA

Farm DEFI with DFLA

Phase 4 | in progress ..

CMC listing

CEX's listing

Listing into Wallets App

NFT's collections



DFLA team

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Don't hesitate to send your questions to hello@deflationary.finance